Why Doesn't Online Sugar Dating Work For You

Why Doesn't Online Sugar Dating Work For You For a long time, I focused on eating junk food instead of exercising because I thought it was enough to meet my physical goals. On my own initiative, I doubled my fruit and vegetable intake, ditching cheese or croutons for salads, saving sweet tea for special occasions and avoiding plain rice and pasta. But I still don't feel better.

I did this for several months until I realized that my body was getting worse and worse. The only way to get my body back into shape is to incorporate exercise into my healthy living plan. Now I do both, I feel stronger and my weight makes me feel good.

The same goes for online sugar dating. You may be following your plan to put a lot of work into some sugar dating websites and not have any success. The question is, are online dating really not working for you when you're working hard and still not getting the results you want? Today we're going to share 6 reasons why online sugar dating may not work for you and how you can fix it.

1. Your message is too formulaic
We have many of the first messaging tips that can help you overcome the messaging barrier, but the most important thing to remember is not to send the exact same message to a group of different people. They can immediately tell that it may be a group hair, but also a bad manners. Overall, this is not a good thing to do when it comes to sugar dating.

You also want to keep your first few messages short (we all have short attention spans online) and mention something from each other's profiles so they know you've actually read it. At the end of the message, try to ask a question so that he or she has something to say when he or she answers.

2. You didn't make the first move
Yes, you may not be a brave person, so you won't be the one to speak up. But sometimes you have to, especially if you're having trouble with a website or app. Some people think sugar daddies should take the initiative, some people think sugar babies should take the initiative. But I think it should be both.

A good way to simplify messaging is to start with the dating site's flirting features, such as virtual blinking, thumb up, favorites list, photo requests, and live chat. Suppose you see someone you like on some candy dating site. You can give them a wink and add them to your favorites list. If they don't flirt back or say anything to you, then you can enjoy a photo of them. If they also like a photo of you, or interact with you in some way, you can send a short chat asking them how their day went. Once you start the conversation, you can bring the story to the information section of the site so that you two can have a deeper understanding.

3. You're not looking for a match on your own
Online sugar dating is great for sugar daddies and babies because it allows you to fill out your profile and let the site do the work for you - but you shouldn't always rely on it. Do it yourself. You can read your own matchmaking messages and get tips from dating sites. Use the site's search filters - from age to location, from education to zip code, to hobbies. Spend half an hour or so each day looking for a date, which increases your chances of meeting that special someone.

4. Your choice is too narrow
While I mentioned above that you should look for matches on your own, you should also be careful how picky search filters are about you. It's hard to find someone who can do everything you need to do.

For example, you might ask for a brown-haired, hazel eyed, new York-educated sugar daddy or sugar baby. Hope to have two children and a dog after marriage. Like light food and don't like to travel and so on. I know this is an extreme example, but you get the idea. Don't limit your parameters so narrowly that you exclude people who are good for you. Relaxing your terms will increase your chances.

5. There are no photos added to your profile
Check to see if you've added your photo to your personal dating profile. We all know you can't book a restaurant or hotel room without seeing a photo (or two or three). It shouldn't make any difference to online dating. Photos are important. If you don't add any photos of yourself, you shouldn't expect people to text you on dating sites. This only makes you look like a robot, a liar, or someone with something to hide.

Every sugar dating site allows you to upload a lot of photos, so we recommend taking at least one headshot, one full-body shot and one action shot. Also remember to keep your photos up to date.

6. You didn't join the right sugar dating site
The reason online sugar dating doesn't work for you may be because you've joined the wrong sugar dating site. Maybe you're a sugar daddy finder, but have added some gay sugar dating sites. Maybe the feature you're adding to the sugar dating site doesn't meet your needs, maybe it's new, hasn't built a foundation for success, or something like that.

Whatever the reason, it's worth taking the time to research what your sugar dating site has to offer so you can be sure you're in the right place. Read some expert review websites to find out what works best for you. Most sugar dating sites also offer free trials and/or memberships, so you can try them out before joining.

Recognize the problem and make adjustments to make online sugar dating work for you
People who are too stubborn tend to get nowhere. For example, I am a stubborn person, so I want to eat fresh and nutritious food with my spare time instead of walking on the elliptical machine. But that's not the case -- at least not with my body. There are several changing parts to becoming healthy - just as there are several changing parts to becoming successful in online sugar dating. We have identified some of the problems you may encounter and some of the solutions to them. The right is in your hands now! Would you like to try a change?