What Not To Say On A First Date With A Sugar Baby

What Not To Say On A First Date With A Sugar Baby When you think about talking to a sugar baby who is much younger than you on a first date, you might be incredibly scared. After all, words have incredible power, and that power is good or bad depending on what you say. Unfortunately, some people say things that might immediately convince another person to end the date early at the end of the night, things that leave their date without any desire for a second date. So, in order for your date with your sugar baby who came from the best sugar baby arrangements sites to go well, you need to remember some speaking tips:

1. "Yes, I have a sibling, but they have a disability, so I'm not really raising them."
Are you a cold-blooded animal? It sounds like you're a soulless monster. Yes, discussing how many siblings you have and who they are is a time-honored first date conversation. It's not particularly interesting in itself, but how a person talks about their siblings can reveal who they are as a person. Are they loving, caring and gentle souls?

Tip: if you really think that some of your siblings "don't count" because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, mental health or other categories, then you need to date a therapist, not a sugar baby.

2. "You must have eaten a lot of soy sauce, didn't you?"
This is sure to make you look like a stupid racist. If you're a non-asian man trying to hook up with an Asian woman, let's say they're eating one of the most common sauces on the planet as a conversation point, which is not something they can pull off their pants on. Not only is this an incredible "soft sauce boast" (literally), it also reveals how wrong your assumptions are and how little you probably know about Asian women.

Tip: this principle applies no matter who you're dating. If you try to talk about something they're more familiar with by exaggerating your relative abilities rather than asking them about their experience, you'll soon be considered a mindless blowhard.

3. "Oh, let's pay for ourselves."
Are you a cheapskate? Surely you can't afford a meal? As a sugar daddy, you have at least as much money as your sugar baby, so it's a no-brainer to pay for your sugar baby's meal on the first date. Whether it's some drinks or a dinner or a movie. Telling that potential sugar baby to pay for yourself on your date is not the best way to be a good sugar daddy besides how rude it is to refuse to be polite and generous to others.

Tip: if you want people to like you, you have to make them like you, too. If your sugar babies insist on paying for themselves, that's their prerogative, but imposing fees on them every time you take the lead is interpreted as an insult, so don't.

4. "You have beautiful eyes... Just like my mother's."
Come on, you're older than the sugar baby you're dating, and you mention your mom? It sounds like you have a serious mom problem. Our brains are very good at recognizing faces, which means we can easily recall the facial features of those we know to remind us of the person we're looking at. But just because you notice something doesn't mean you should say it right away, especially if it means you notice that your date looks like someone else. Especially if it's someone you shouldn't be attracted to in any way, like your mother or even your grandmother.

Tip: no sugar baby likes to be compared to the opposite sex. They all like to be different and unique. So, if you're going to compliment her, just compliment her. Don't compare yourself to others.

5. "I need to get home from my date. The kids are waiting for me."
This may give you the immediate impression that you're lying if you don't tell the truth in your online sugar daddy dating profile in the first place. If you have children, you should disclose them at the beginning. Specifically, you should talk about it before the date -- if not in your actual online dating profile, then at least in your opening line when you set up a date.

Tip: some sugar babies can't handle sugar daddies with kids, so bring up your fatherhood before dating.

6. "I review a lot of sex toys for a living."
Oh, this is going to sound a little obnoxious and even make some sugar babies think you're a pervert. Yes, sex toys are important to some people, but is it really appropriate to mention them early on in a first date? Yes, now is not the best time to talk about sex, even if it's part of your reality. At the beginning of the date, you don't know much about the potential sugar baby or her views on sex toys. Many sugar babies may be wary of men's premature sexual excesses, a warning sign that they are focused on just one thing -- sex.

Tip: don't be that person -- don't have sex too soon, and if your date suggests it before you do, so much the better. If not, save it for another day.

7. "I've never had a strong desire to travel far from home."
Have you ever said that to your sugar baby? This sentence makes you seem narrow-minded. Why? We all know that many people don't want to force themselves to do something they don't like, but your belief that one of the most interesting things in a person's life isn't right for you from the start is a red flag for many people. This is basically saying that you have no interest in listening to any kind of music, or that you just hate watching any kind of movie, when in fact you've tried.

Tip: don't reveal these points early in the date. Save them for later. After all, you don't want to scare that potential sugar baby away on your first date, do you? Remember, early dating is about bonding, and unless you hate traveling so much that you have to date people who don't, you may want to put off your hot date for a while.

Finally, in addition to the examples above, in general, there are some sensitive topics you should never bring up on a first date: family, money, politics, etc. Unless your date's sugar baby is willing to volunteer this information, don't discuss any of the above as it will bore you. Need more help when you're dating a sugar baby?