Things To Consider Before Dating A Young Sugar Baby

Things To Consider Before Dating A Young Sugar Baby Are you a sugar daddy? If so, would you like to date a younger sugar baby? You need to read this first! With the increasing popularity of sugar culture, it is common for older men to date younger women. Long used to refer to young women as "sugar baby" and "little girl," women are increasingly referring to their sexual partners as "sugar daddy." It is culturally ingrained that it is normal and natural for men to date women five, 10, 15 or even 20 years their junior.

However, it is worth re-examining whether this phenomenon should continue to be taken for granted. After all, every age-gap relationship has its difficulties, and there are subtle power dynamics to consider when it comes to sugar daddies dating young sugar babies. So, if you're considering dating a younger sugar baby, here are 5 things to keep in mind before you do:

You may not want the same things out of life
Most people experience the same things at the same age and stage of life. So, in search of something different, you start dating young sugar babies. You're looking for a fun sugar baby, and she's looking for a sugar daddy -- you two like each other, get along with each other, and you happen to have an age gap. That's great!

Sure, if the sugar baby you meet is a great person and you get along well with her, but you're just looking for something different, like: she's thinking about settling down and you just want to go to the party, it's not going to work out. Of course, these issues can affect couples of the same age and different priorities, but relationships with large age gaps are particularly vulnerable to "life stage" issues. So, while making sure you're both looking for different things, make sure you're accepting of each other's ideas.

She may expect too much of you
When a young sugar baby dates you, she is very dependent on you and expects too much from you. She may have some of the qualities she wants in you: financial security, maturity and gentlemanliness. She may think that men her age are immature and directionless, so she would like to find an older man to provide her with more stability.

That's fine, unless you're as directionless and financially insecure as the man she's trying to avoid. She may not be looking for financial security, but she thinks you'll be a complete gentleman who woos her with flowers and chocolates. Unfortunately, you are not romantic in the traditional sense. In general, she may have completely unrealistic expectations of you, especially those you will never meet. So, you need to resolve these expectations before you start a sweet sugar relationship.

You probably expect too much of her
Maybe you started dating because you expected too much from a young sugar baby. You don't want to date someone your age because you think young sugar babies might be Wilder, funnier, more flexible, etc. You want your partner to love you for all your flaws and all, so if you only date young sugar babies because you think they're relatively "perfect," you're making a big mistake.

The only way you can figure these things out is to talk openly about your expectations. If she's looking for a girl who will open her car door and pay her a monthly stipend, if you're not going to provide that, you have to be honest with her. Let her know that you're the one she's going out with, not a creepy dad or security blanket. In the same way, she lets you know that she is a flawed and insecure woman, not a sexy woman who will never "burden" you with an emotional need.

She is not mature by definition
Young sugar babies are mostly immature. Maybe they are smart, witty and sophisticated, but by definition she is immature and inexperienced. Some of her life experiences and personal qualities that appeal to you only come from being on earth for quite a long time, so if you're considering dating a sugar baby who you think is too young, understand this: she's really immature for her age, so don't kid yourself. If the sugar baby you're dating is a young girl entering college, you need to work hard to maintain your relationship, and,) she won't be well-equipped to require a serious relationship. So get ready for another date!

Power dynamics are skewed
First, power dynamics refers to many rights in social relationships, such as money, age, social status and so on. In general, older sugar daddies have more social power than younger ones, and, despite measurable progress in this area, men have more power than women in many ways. So when you combine these two variables -- an older man and a younger sugar baby -- power dynamics tend to favor older men. The bigger the age gap between you and her, the younger she is, the more power is in your favor. Other variables such as race, class, and gender identity also affect the balance of power in your relationship.

Tilting power dynamics does mean you need to take care of extremes, you need to take care of younger sugar babies more. In addition, every man must draw his own moral boundaries. Of course, much depends on the age of young women, not just the size of the age gap. For example, if you date a sugar baby who is 20 and 26 years old, the sugar baby who is 26 will have more experiences and experiences than the sugar baby who is 20 years old, you need to treat your sugar baby in different ways according to this difference.

While there are no clear lines for dating young sugar babies, if you date a woman under the age of 20 it may be viewed as suspicious and harmful, while dating women slides in a gray area between 20 and 25, but may be more acceptable, dating women 25 + is generally socially acceptable. However, these are not mandatory rules, you need to draw your own moral boundaries.

So what's the conclusion? Should you date a younger sugar baby? First, take a hard look at the five things to consider when dating a young sugar baby. If you think this scares you, you may not be ready for a relationship at all, let alone a date with a younger sugar baby. If you think you can handle it, do it. Good luck!