How to Tell Your Sugar Daddy You Want Space

How to Tell Your Sugar Daddy You Want Space The first thing I want to say is that there are three entities in any relationship: you, me and us. Every entity needs to be nurtured to grow. If everything is around you, it can't be healthy. If it's all about your sugar daddy, it's not going to end well. If we take over and you both lose your identity, that's a problem. It is important to ensure that every entity makes the effort.

An underrated part of relationships is the amount of time spent alone. Some people need a lot, some people don't need that much, but everyone does. Even people who think they don't need some alone time do need some alone time because they may not even realize how being alone affects them or their relationship. So here are 5 space acquisition techniques that can help you let your sugar daddy know that you need space to be alone when seeking arrangement with him.

Balance is key
Life is a balance of everything we have to do, need to do, and want to do. Some people may like to read a chapter or two before going to bed. Others can read for eight hours straight. The same goes for friendship. Some people like to visit their friends every day or every week. Others say it's ok to come every few weeks or months.

There's nothing wrong with that; we just balance things in different ways .You may have an important sugar daddy who doesn't have many hobbies or friends. So the fun he chooses is always doing something with you or being around you. If you have a lot of activities to attend, he may not understand that you don't have his wishes.

You need to explain that while you enjoy being with him, you also enjoy biking, playing video games, having fun with your friends, and taking some quality naps. Let him know it's great to be with him, but it's one of the many wonderful things you love to do. You also need space to do other things.

Take part in an activity that is your own
Sometimes we feel like we need to go out and find a place. Or, if you live together, you might feel like you need to disappear into your sugar daddy cave for a few hours at a time. While it's nice to have this space, sometimes we don't know how to fill it. So we play video games, get drunk with our friends, or do some exercise. While there is nothing wrong with doing these things in moderation, it may not make us feel refreshed or fulfilled. Instead, take up a new hobby or explore a hobby you've put on hold.

When you're actively involved in something, it's easier for your sugar daddy to feel you need space. If you just say you need space and he knows you're just playing a game at home (again, that's not in itself a wrong activity), it won't make him feel like he understands you.

"Happy wife, happy life" is not necessarily true
I got the root of the phrase: if your partner isn't happy, you aren't happy. But what it actually tells sugar daddies is that your happiness depends on her happiness. If there is something you want that makes her unhappy, you are taught not to do it. This puts too much pressure and energy on her instead of us.

We are all responsible for our own happiness. Yes, it's nice when our partners make us happy too, but it's not their responsibility. You also need to focus on what makes you happy. If alone time is important to you, that's what you need to discuss -- whether he wants it or not. A relationship is an equal partnership, and each of us should feel empowered to talk about or demand what we need. So, sugar babies, speak up and get what you need in your relationship.

Explain why you need some alone time
If you tell your sugar daddy that you need to do something without giving him any reason, not only will he naturally resist, but he'll never understand why it's important to you. So, learning to communicate properly is a sign of a good relationship. If you just say you need space and you're going out, it's not going to work out very well. Knowing something and being able to communicate well are two different skills. A better way to explain your ideas and get them across to others is to state it carefully, explain it, illustrate it with examples, and wait until the other person understands.

Communicate as soon as possible
In a sugar daddy-sugar baby dating relationship, poor communication is one of the easiest things to do unintentionally. If your sugar daddy does something that makes you angry, every time you see him do it, you'll start to get angry. Even at the beginning of a relationship, the thoughtfulness he once showed and your love for him can be a source of anger.

The longer you wait to tell your partner, the more difficult the conversation will be. If he's a super hugger, you may have fallen in love with him in the early stages of your relationship because almost everyone loves physical contact. But in the end, you may feel like you don't have any personal space. If you don't say anything but pull away, he will be confused. If you hold it in your hand, it might suddenly yell. Let your sugar daddy know as soon as you start to feel bad. If you know from the start that you need a lot of time to recharge or enjoy life, let them know. If you're feeling out of breath and you need to go out or stay home alone, talk to someone. Everyone is more likely to hear their own thoughts without the effects of depression and worry.

Remember, if someone makes you feel guilty or wrong about needing space, you may need to figure out if you see the relationship differently. You might want to see him twice a week; He may think that every day is right and proper. Both of these statements are true, but it's best to be clear and organized before any relationship starts, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble later in the relationship.