How To Reply To The First Message Of A Sugar Baby On The Dating App

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But if you're a sugar daddy just starting out with a dating app, you might want to know how to reply to a sugar baby's first message on the dating app.If you've jumped on the online sugar dating bandwagon (and you should too), one app you might be using is Sugardaddymeet.When you're a sugar daddy, one of the big questions on your mind may be how to respond to a sugar baby's first message.

After all, while online dating apps give us a higher chance of matching sugar babies, you still need to remember that sugar babies are often bombarded with messages when it comes to digital dating.You need to make your first message stand out to make a good impression.You're in the right place. I'm here to help you.Check out my four strategies to help you get the perfect response to the first message on the Sugardaddymeet.

Strategy 1: don't reply with a lame message she sent you
When a sugar baby's first message is lame, don't reciprocate:

  • She: hi.
  • You: hello.

This kind of thing can lead to one of two things:

  • Goodbye forever.
  • Endless embarrassment.

Remember, even though her greeting is a one-word one, you can also attract her by sending witty replies:

  • "You know what?You conquered me at 'hi.'"
  • "Hi!Let's get down to business: is your weekend fun time yoga or shopping?Personally, I prefer to be with you."

This witty response can make her laugh, help her relax, and start a deeper conversation with you.

Strategy 2: stay positive
While online dating is considered a risky area and venturing into the unknown is uncomfortable for anyone, you should still stay positive since you have chosen online dating.Here are some common negative responses you should avoid when replying to the first message on the app:

  • "Well, isn't online dating full of scammers?
  • "Hi. I don't know what to say."

Scientific research shows that complaining is bad for your brain and overall health.By showing your humor and positivity, you can get out of awkward situations and open the door to better communication and dating opportunities.

Strategy 3: tact
You need to be a sugar daddy.Because most sugar babies are not very professional, they don't know how to send you a good message, but this often doesn't represent their true impression.Even the most charming sugar baby can send you the wrong message.So keep in mind that the lack of personality in the initial message doesn't mean the sugar baby is actually boring;She just doesn't have the experience to send a good message.

Let's say her first message on a dating app is boring: hi.

You can start with a witty answer, such as: hello.Then add a funny symbol, like a smiley face.Always be sure to insert a smiley face with such a response so she knows you're not a jerk.In doing so, you give her the perfect start to show her flirtatious side.

Strategy 4: be direct
When a sugar baby's first message to you is boring, you may be leading her to be more creative with her first message.She may not always greet people with a one-syllable "hi," but there are several symptoms of poor copy-and-paste operations when she first sends a message.Symptoms include mispronouncing your name;Or the message reads like a job description (for example, "hello, John, my name is samantha.I read your profile and you look interesting.I'm looking for a funny sugar daddy "etc.)

If this happens, you can say:

This is the best copy/paste job you can do better I believe.

Again, with a smiley face, you're direct, not a jerk.It also shows that you have confidence, which is something sugar babies love and want to do.Why does sugar baby want sugar daddy directly?Because a direct person is someone who feels secure about himself and knows what he wants.At the same time, a confident person is one who finds the middle way between low self-esteem and arrogance.Ironically, when many self-described "good man" sugar daddies reply to sugar baby's first message only to get the cricket's response, they might think it's just sugar baby looking for a "bad boy" sign.The truth is, women don't want a jerk -- at least not someone looking for a relationship.

Strategy 5: find a sugar daddy dating coach
If you find yourself confused about how to respond to sugar baby's first message on the Sugardaddymeet and want a quick fix, you're not alone.There are plenty of sugar dads out there who are just as overwhelmed as you are, and the best way to do that is to find a sugar daddy dating coach.

In my experience, I've tested myself repeatedly as an experiment to discover more about the complexities of the dating world.I even went on 100 dates in a year and finally found a happy sugar relationship, and I've helped a lot of sugar daddies find their sugar relationship -- and I want to help you find one! 

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