How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Sugar Daddy

How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Sugar Daddy Good, as a sugar daddy finder, you finally connect with a great sugar daddy. Maybe it's the first time you've met someone at a bar, maybe it's the first time you've met someone through a sugar daddy dating app. The problem, however, is that you don't know how to keep a conversation going with a sugar daddy. As a result, you worry that you will gradually lose the opportunity to spark.

But calm down. Believe me, you're not alone. Because when it comes to how to continue a conversation with a man, many women feel clueless. Some women kept talking because they were so nervous that they hardly let him interrupt. Some women are too sarcastic to put a man off. Some women are silent and let a man talk alone. Are you in any of these examples? Relax, and we'll help you learn the skills to start a great conversation the next time you sit face to face with a sugar daddy. I guarantee you will become a more confident conversationalist when you finish reading the following article.

Tip 1: compliment him
Compliment a sugar daddy when you don't know how to continue the conversation. I know that most people pay more attention to men's praise of women (rather than overemphasizing what is appropriate) than to women's praise of men. Women always think the compliment should be done by the man. But what you miss is that everyone loves to be complimented. Compliment him on his clothes, his choice of restaurant, his hairstyle, his witty personality...I promise he'll cheer up and keep the conversation going so you don't have to worry about it.

Tip 2: make conversation a fun game
Sometimes you can add a little fun to the conversation and keep it going. For example, ask him hypothetical questions: if you could live on a planet, which planet would you live on? If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? If you won the lottery now, what would you do with it? You can even set up a little game where you ask each other 10 questions and then answer them. Or play a game of truth or dare. Of course, these cannot be interrogative questions. Come up with your own ideas and ask a few questions on your next date or interaction with sugar daddy.

Tip 3: don't be afraid of silence
Sometimes silence is good, realize that you don't have to fill every silent moment on a date with words. When you're nervous, it can be a challenge and you might even say the wrong thing. Take the time to sip your drink or chew your food (because: women can't talk with their mouths full!)."And give him a chance to respond to what you're saying. You just have to listen. Some people need time to get things done before they speak, so don't interrupt before he has a chance to speak.

Tip 4.: the key to good conversation is asking questions
Most people have the misconception that good conversation is about saying, no, the key to good conversation is asking questions. Most sugar baby clients I meet always want to know how to continue the conversation with sugar daddy. Their focus is: what do I say? In fact, I think it's more important to focus on the questions you raise. Asking questions on a date is a great way to start a conversation. Avoid questions that require only a yes or no answer. If you want to know how to continue a conversation with a sugar daddy, you can ask these questions: what are your hobbies? What does your job entail? Where is your family? Ask these questions that don't just have "yes" or "no" answers, and make sure your conversation is long enough. But make sure you don't come across as interviewing him.

Tip 5: repeat the last sentence he said
When you don't know how to continue a conversation with a sugar daddy, a good way to do it is to repeat the last thing he said. No matter what the situation, if you're having trouble keeping the conversation going, simply saying the last thing the other person said -- especially if the other person is a conversationalist -- will keep the conversation going.

Last time I went hiking, I met a strange animal. You: a strange animal? He: yes, I don't know what it is, but it is very strange, it is 30 inches high. My teammates and I were shocked. Look, if you don't know what to say, this is a great way to get him talking. It's also a great way to validate his feelings and show that you're really listening.

Tip 6: remember, sometimes there's no chemistry in the conversation
Just as you only have chemistry with certain people, so do you only have chemistry with what you say. But it has nothing to do with your skills in the department, it's just that you don't click with someone in conversation (which may mean you don't click elsewhere).In my years of experience, here's a formula: 25% of women's conversations will be very awkward.50% of women say, well, ok, but nothing special. The remaining 25 percent of women, the conversation flows. So, not every conversation triggers a chemical reaction, only the 25% of the time! Instead of stressing out about 75% of the conversation and not thinking you have a problem, focus on finding the 25% sugar daddy who has a lot of chemistry with you.

You can do the same! If, when you talk to a gentleman, you ask him to respond like tooth extraction, or if you just feel like you're crossing the tar trying to talk to him, he's not the person you're looking for. Move on.

It's not hard to keep talking to a sugar daddy, is it? I don't understand why many sugar babies sometimes have trouble keeping up the conversation with sugar daddies. Now read our article and take action to see if it really works. If he's one of the 25% of people you have chemistry with, these tips will help you have a great conversation. And if not? Next up, move on!