How to Date Multiple Sugar Daddies and Why You Want To

how to date multiple sugar daddies and why you want to While there are plenty of sugar daddy dating sites out there that are looking for arrangements, most of the time it's hard to find the right one and the perfect sugar daddy right away, so you may have multiple sites registered and are likely to be dealing with multiple sugar daddies at once.

In fact, I suggest you think twice, because most sugar daddies you're dating are almost certainly going out with more than one sugar baby. However, while most, if not all, sugar daddies you date like to date more than one sugar baby at a time, they tend to think they're the only ones who can do it and you can't (I know this is double standard!).

So, when you finally meet your ideal sugar daddy, remember to wrap up all your other arrangements right away, but before you do, you need to learn how to handle multiple problems at once. Here are 3 tips on how to date multiple sugar daddies at once!

Keep your date
I know that when you go on multiple dates with sugar daddies, the timing isn't always right, and sometimes it's normal to have conflicts, but don't cancel until you have to, unless you really can't move on. Sure, you can cancel once, but two or more will keep your sugar daddy away from you.

When you're with your sugar daddy, give them your full attention. If you're too distracted to do it, there will be other sugar babies to do it. I also suggest that you make a schedule of which sugar daddies you're going to date on which day, and of course, you can write down little details about each one.

For example, your sugar daddy always has a few regular places to meet you, so make a note of them and ask him if he wants to go somewhere on the next date. Then he will feel that you are special because you care so much about him.

Give your full attention to the person you're with right now
No matter how many sugar daddies you meet, remember that when you talk to them or are with them, you have to make them feel like they are all to you. Whenever and wherever you are together, give them your full attention.

It's not right to watch TV or Instagram while you're talking. Be active in every conversation with him. If he tells you on the phone that he has something coming up next week that he can't come to see you, be sure to ask when his next date is. Don't make him feel like you don't want to go out with him again until you really want to end the relationship.

Honesty is the best policy
While I'm not saying that you should tell your sugar daddy that you have more than one boyfriend in the first place, I'm saying that when your sugar daddy asks about you, be honest.

Possessiveness is very important to a man. Every man likes his woman to be his own. If he prefers you to be alone with him, try to be honest with him about your needs. Another possibility is that your sugar daddy will end the relationship with you right away, so take it easy.

While you may feel guilty about trying to seek arrangements with multiple sugar daddies at once, I recommend doing so. It allows you to find the perfect sugar daddy for you. What's more, we all know that it's not uncommon for these sugar daddies to date more than one girl at a time. Maybe one day they will break up with you suddenly, so that you won't feel sad, because you have other sugar daddies to choose from!