How Do You Tell If a Sugar Daddy Is Serious About You

How Do You Tell If a Sugar Daddy Is Serious About You As a sugar baby, you may have been dating a generous sugar daddy on a sugar dating site for sugar baby for a while and things are going well. Still, you want to know how to tell if a sugar daddy is serious about you so you don't waste precious time with someone who isn't. So how do you know he's serious about you, other than asking him directly? What should you look for? What are the signs?

Oh baby, don't worry, I'm here to help you. I'm a dating expert from one of the best dating sites for sugar babies, and I've coached thousands of sugar daddies and babies on how to date and fall in love. I've found that when a man is serious about his sugar babies, they do things. So if your sugar daddy shows these signs, you can be sure he's serious about you.

You're not just having sex
You're not just having sex with this guy, you're doing a lot of other things together. For example, travel together, Climb Mountains together, run together, these are all good signs! Looking back at the man you dated last time, you realize you've never really dated. All you need to do is get a text from him (and night) asking if he can come over. He'll have sex with you. He may talk on the pillow for a while, but after that, he leaves. You didn't even date that guy. He was just hooking up. You probably didn't realize it until now. Because the man you're dating right now is different. He wants to do something fun with you, like go to a museum, go to the beach, or go to a concert. In short, a man who takes you seriously will try to be with you outside the bedroom.

He puts you first
Sugar daddies are busy businessmen or entrepreneurs, and of course we have a lot to do ourselves. But if the man you're dating is out of his busy schedule, he'll still prioritize you. He'll make time to call or text you, and even if his world is a little busy, he'll try to make time to see you. Yes, he has his own life besides being with you. He has friends to hang out with and he has favorite activities. But do you have a strong sense that he's prioritizing you? He must be serious about you.

He calls you several times a day
One of my sugar baby clients told me that she loved it when her sugar daddy called her all day, which made her feel like he cared and took her seriously. So, even if you've only been dating for a few weeks, if he texts or calls you at least once or twice a day, he's serious about you. After all, if your sugar daddy is a successful person with a lot of work to do and takes time out of his busy day to let you know he's thinking about you, then he means it. Even if he doesn't want to have a full conversation with you at noon, sending you a little kiss emoji makes you feel good, doesn't it?

You are part of his future plans
If a man plans you for the rest of his life, it means he sees you as a very important person. For those sugar daddy scammers, they don't make plans with any woman for more than a week because they just want to have fun. I know it sounds scary, but it's true. Many men are the same; they know that if they start planning too early, they will give the impression that they are planning to be with you for a long time when in fact they don't want to be. So a man who isn't shy about planning future romantic outings or buying concert tickets later this year is someone who is sure he'll stay with you.

He really will listen to you
Maybe one of the reasons you hate your ex is that he doesn't respect your opinion. He never really listens to you. You'll express how you feel about something, or just share something with him, and he'll look up from his football game and say, "HMM?"

Being heard is at the top of the list of qualities you look for in a man. You don't need his 100 percent attention, but you do want him to be paying attention when you're speaking.

If a man keeps repeating what you said the other day -- even a few weeks ago -- you'll be surprised at how focused he is. Why would he do that? Because he CARES about you and he means it to you.

If you want to know how to tell if a man is serious about you, say something and test him on the sly. Say you're considering a trip to Malta or Malaysia, for example, and then ask him what he thinks is better (without reminding him where you mentioned it).It's a bit of a silly game, but it shows if he's actually listening.

You spend more and more time together
When you go on your first date, you see each other more and more. Go from seeing each other once a week to two or three times a week. Now you can spend at least half a week with your sugar daddy, whether it's meeting for coffee, going out for dinner, sleeping in, or even traveling with him.

You have to understand that a person who is not serious about you will not waste his time on you, he will find excuses to explain why he cannot spend more time with you. Now that he's spending more time with you, isn't that a good sign that he's serious? So if you want to know how to tell if a sugar daddy is serious about you, pay attention to the time you spend together. If he brings it up, he totally likes you.

He made me unique
If your sugar daddy tells you that he only wants to date you and not anyone else, that's an obvious answer. Your sugar daddy is serious about you! In my experience, this usually happens within a month or two. Believe it or not, some sugar daddies are looking for a serious relationship! These people say they want to have a serious sugar baby, but they really want to get to know you, not date a lot of women at the same time.

Now that you know how to tell if a sugar daddy is serious about you, do you think the person you're with right now is real? Is he someone you can delete your dating app and settle down with? If he has the above characteristics, that is serious!