5 Things Most Sugar Daddies Don't Know About Sugar Babies And Their Needs

5 Things Most Sugar Daddies Don't Know About Sugar Babies And Their Needs Do you think you're a great sugar daddy? Do you know your sugar baby and her needs? You may say you know, but you're wrong. Many sugar daddies often overestimate their performance in the relationship department. When it comes to being a sugar daddy, we often forget that our sugar babies want more than just sugar. Just as we want to be with beautiful, attractive and interesting women, they also want to be with attractive, insightful and interesting men.

When it comes to what sugar babies want, many sugar daddies have a twisted mindset: sugar daddies only like rich guys or guys with six-pack abs. Sure, good looks and money are nice perks, but sugar daddies pay too much attention to them. And when a sugar daddy finds himself lacking these qualities, his confidence plummets -- often with the end of his date.

So why do so many sugar daddies cling to this false belief? One reason may be that it's easier to imagine women seeking a specific set of identifiable end goals -- even if they don't match your own personality -- than to admit that desire is a little confusing and confusing. So to find out what the sugar baby you are dating really want, check out these:

Myth # 1: women want men. That's it
At the end of the day, this misconception stems from another, deeper idea: women are primarily attracted to stereotypical masculinity, and they want a man who is tough, unapologetic and looks good. But more and more women are realizing that there is more to life than men who fit the old mold. In some cases, this means women have to explore their sexuality and realize that they would rather date a woman or someone who is not bisexual. In other cases, it means they prefer sensitive men to manly ones, or both.

Men are given strict roles in sex and relationships, told they can't be flexible, and if they are, they are subject to a homophobic and misogynistic backlash. As we begin to accept the fact that gender is fluid, these roles will broaden and hopefully everyone will be more focused on identifying their true needs rather than doing what they think they should do to achieve gender.

Myth # 2: sugar babies like good-looking guys
In fact, many myths about women's physical attractiveness are wide of the mark. Many of the women I know date men they like -- even those who are short, hairy, undermuscled, or even effeminate. While many sugar daddies make a bit of a projection error, men are very visual when it comes to attractiveness. Because long is important to us men, we think long is important to women. But women are attracted or disgusted by our behavior, our energy, and the way we treat them.

If you think you're lacking in looks, that doesn't mean you're a death sentence -- after all, no one is perfect. Most sugar babies would rather date a sugar daddy who looks average, but is clean, knows how to take care of himself, and is good in bed, than a handsome model whose life is a mess.

Myth # 3: sugar babies like jerks
Many sugar daddies seem to have an old, unrealistic idea that sugar babies like bad guys better than good ones. Many sugar daddies think sugar babies like jerks and 'bad boys'. However, there is plenty of research showing that kindness is the key to a happy relationship, and that jerks are not likable. That doesn't mean being a cowardly doormat is the way to date success, but being cold or unkind is definitely not.

Myth # 4: sugar babies love strong sugar daddies
Being a sugar daddy, both physically and emotionally, needs to be strong enough. But instead of developing actual strength, people tend to focus on not looking weak, making many sugar daddies afraid of looking weak or incompetent. But far from it. Strength is attractive, but so is vulnerability -- especially in the long run. If you can't open up the range of human emotions (happiness and sadness, confidence and fear, confidence and insecurity, power and jealousy), you can't effectively manage those emotions and you may end up hurting yourself and others.

You don't just go to the gym and get strong enough to be liked by sugar babies. You have to get used to your limitations, fears and frustrations. That's the real way to get sugar babies. Consider therapy (on your own or with your partner), or open up to your friends and family about what's not strong enough in your life. Instead of pursuing a narrow, rigid view of power, be a person who knows who you are and feels comfortable with who you really are.

Myth # 5: sugar babies don't like sugar daddies
Yes, sugar babies love sugar daddies, but she doesn't need a lot of money, as long as you can provide her with enough sugar baby subsidies. The rich can do many things that the less wealthy cannot. Fancy restaurants, dream vacations, luxuries. But the money in your bank account doesn't mean you're a good sugar daddy.

Many sugar daddies overestimate three key factors: how handsome they have to be, how much money they need, and how interesting their words have to be. If he doesn't meet all three, it can hurt a sugar daddy's confidence because he feels worthless compared to some idealized sugar daddy he thinks sugar baby wants. Most men have enough money to go around entertaining a date or partner, but not enough to throw it away. Does this mean that the average woman is used to this, while a rich man is every woman's dream? Yes, that's exaggerated.

Not to mention, what many sugar daddies miss is that it's generosity, not wealth, that counts. If you don't spend all the money in the world on one sugar baby, then all the money in a relationship is meaningless. Likewise, just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't find ways to make others feel special.

Before you decide to start a mutually beneficial relationship with sugar babies, you should make sure you understand their needs. If you decide you really want to be a sugar daddy, then following the tips above will help you become a great sugar daddy for any perfect sugar baby.