5 Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together

5 Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together There's no doubt that cohabitation is one of the most important milestones you need to cross in your sugar arrangement relationship, whether it's sugar daddies or sugar babies. This shows that you are ready to transform the relationship into a serious one, ready to take on new responsibilities and look to the future. You're even willing to deal with each other's potentially annoying quirks on a daily basis. If that's not true love, what is it? But given all it needs, this is not an action to be rushed. There are a few things you should know about your sugar daters and your relationship in order to make sure it goes well once you become a roommate.

Moving in together can make or break your relationship -- after all, you share chores, life and bills. That means a new kind of intimacy, my friend, that you may not have experienced before. The more information you have from the start, the better your chances of making an informed decision. So before you pack up and start moving in, ask yourself the following key questions:

Are we doing this for the right reasons?
Why are you moving in together? More specifically, why now? If your answer relates to feeling stressed or wanting to save on rent, you may need to reconsider your decision. If you move in too quickly for the wrong reasons, it's likely to hurt your relationship even more.

If all your friends move in together, you will naturally feel some pressure. Think you should live with your partner, too. If one of you is struggling to make ends meet, you may also feel obligated to be a roommate because "it makes sense" financially. There is also the possibility that your partner may have given you an ultimatum to move in together at some point, either way, it is unwise to move in together for any of these reasons.

The point is, if you're really excited about taking this step because you believe you and your partner are super compatible, then you're ready to communicate your needs and expectations. If you really want to have a future with them, these are all good signs that you're living together for the right reasons.

Is it too fast?
Yes, it's hard to know when a couple should move in together. That's because it depends on a lot of other factors that can be more meaningful than time, such as whether you've had an honest conversation about your future goals, whether you want a serious relationship, or whether you've solved a challenging problem together. More importantly, however, what you learned about yourself, your sugar daddy or sugar baby, and your relationship during your time together.

What is the quality of your communication? When it comes to where you want to live, starting (or not starting) a family, and other major issues, do you share a vision for the future? These are all things to consider when you're moving in together. When you move in together, you need to manage each other's expectations because there will be arguments and disagreements, and now, when that happens, you can't just turn around and go home. Because you already live in the same room.

Do we see eye to eye on financial matters?
For sugar daddies, there are no financial worries. But for sugar babies, there's no doubt that money is an awkward topic. But you know what's more embarrassing? When your partner can't afford the rent because they bought a bunch of weird stuff on Amazon. That's why I recommend a fairly strong understanding not only of your partner's income, but also of their spending habits. At the same time, be transparent about your finances and make sure you agree on financial responsibilities for living together.

Rent and utilities aren't your only financial responsibilities. You also buy daily necessities and household cleaning products on a regular basis. Does your sugar daddy still need everyone to pay you a stipend? Or do you still need everyone to pay a stipend to your sugar baby? I suggest you think ahead of time about how to handle all these responsibilities. Would you stop shopping each week, or would you join shopping, one helping the other shopping? One person is responsible for the groceries, while the other is responsible for the other expenses of living together. These are all issues that need to be discussed in order to avoid problems at the time of payment.

Are we compatible in cleaning?
Moving in together means a guard problem. There is no doubt that if you are a neat freak and your partner is a messy person, moving in together will create some problems. However, that doesn't mean you can't live happily together. Like everything else in a relationship, communication and compromise are key. In other words, don't expect your partner to change if you don't actively communicate with them and bring their habits to their attention. They may never realize the magnitude of the problem.

So I suggest you talk about tidiness before you move in together, so you can find a way to live together peacefully. For example, you can set some basic rules to keep your sanity, such as don't leave dirty clothes or mess up the sofa.

Can we still respect each other's personal space?
When you live alone, you can think what you want without worrying about anyone's feelings. You can invite your friends over for a drink and a game. You can ask your best friend to come over and play with you. Now, however, there is another person in your family and you have to consider his/her feelings. That's why I recommend understanding your partner's need for space and solitude before moving in with them.

During this frank discussion, ask your partner what is acceptable at parties and guests in your home. How do they feel about uninvited family members? Do they need some alone time on weeknights? Once you have solved the problem, you can decide how to respect each other's needs.

Overall, moving in together is definitely not a rash decision. The more you learn about your potential sugar daddy or sugar baby, the easier it will be to start a new chapter. By simply asking yourself these questions, you can understand what each of you needs to do to build a harmonious family together. Now, think about whether you want to live with your sugar daddy or sugar baby, or start seeking arrangement again.